Peter Joseph Fitzpatrick

Peter Fitzpatrick

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Some people view the world differently from the rest. They, like many others, have aspirations and ambition, but what makes them different is how they pursue those objectives. Instead of following a prescribed path and doing what others before them have done, some construct their own path through life. They creatively break precedent to achieve their objectives and build their lives.

My art is for them.

This group of people is thoughtful. They seek places of peace in which to fantasize, imagine, dream, meditate, and plan. They create space in their lives to think.

My images aid that process. They offer space for the homes, workplaces, and galleries of visionary people. They support deep thinking about business ventures, career moves, construction projects, movie scripts, trips abroad, and love.

Through their tranquility, imaginary nature, and aspirational themes, my images help thoughtful people exercise their imagination and visualize the future they will build.

I capture images while exploring the world. I edit them to add an aspect of the imagination. I work to create images less-like reality and more dream-like. I turn images of the real world into impressions of our imaginations. I hope that by sharing my imagination I will spur the imagination of others and allow it to influence their life’s most important plans.